Koramco Fund is an asset management firm focusing on alternative investment founded and managed by
the leading real estate finance company Koramco REITs & Trust.
Based our extensive knowledge and accumulated trust, we create new values for our customers by
contemplating the essence of investments and exploring growth potentials.
Our focus is more on customers' trust and social needs than on quick profits, as we strive for sustainable
growth and future based on long-term and macroscopic perspective.

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Management Philosophy

Koramco Fund aims to maximize investors' profits by creating new values.
To achieve this goal, we employ the following strategies:

  1. Investment strategy
    based on understanding
    of the market cycle We apply the optimal investment
    strategy for each cycle based on
    microscopic & macroscopic market
    analysis relating to the assets.
  2. Predictable investment
    and risk management We carry out predicatable
    investment and risk management
    based on our expert knowledge in
    the assets and markets.
  3. Management strategy
    to improve the value We maximize the profits and
    asset value based on our
    specialized and active
    value-add strategy.

PERFORMANCEKORAMCO Asset Management Performance(as of 2017)

4.6 USD billion Assets under management

70 funds

1.3 USD billion Total new funds

business Area

Domestic Real Estate Fund

In 2017, Koramco Fund set up 14 Korean real estate funds that amount to 770.1 billion KRW.

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business Area

Overseas Real Estate Fund

We are managing 16 oversesa real estate funds while actively responding to changing
market environments and expanding our capabilities regarding foreign markets.

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business Area

Infrastructure Fund

Through this fund, we invest in social infrastructure projects (construction,
development, related businesses) and distribute the profits among the investors.

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Information Center

Online Consultation

KORAMCO always listen to various questions and valuable suggestions of customers.

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